The Dangers
of Chitin Synthesis Inhibitors
Zoe Harcombe gives detailed information on her story and the 3 phases of her diet in the book, The Harcombe Diet 3-Step Plan.
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Zoe Harcombe, a well-known nutritionist, pin-pointed food craving issues and attributed them to three medical conditions one of which was Candida overgrowth. Candida is a normally occurring organism that lives in the human gut.

Everyone has Candida in their systems. One phase of its growth cycle is as a yeast which has benefits in the human intestines --  B vitamin production and as a food source for other gut flora.

The problem is uncontrolled growth of Candida in it fungal form, which can overwhelm your immune system. Healthy intestinal flora are one of the major lines of defense in the human immune system.  These healthly flora, like lactobacillius, produce acids which keep Candida from changing into its fungal form and causing problems.

For example, antibiotics can cause a yeast infection because the healthy intestinal flora killed by oral antibotics change the acid/alkalyne balance in the intestines which allows Candida fungus to proliferate. However, do not avoid antibiotics if your doctor prescribes them for you. What my doctor tells me is that after a round of antibiotics always take a probiotic nutritional supplement to replenish your gut flora.
Pro 15 is the one he has approved for me.
Candida has a layer of chitin, a fibrous substance, in its cell wall. It was thought that causing tiny breaks in this layer with a Chitin Inhibitor would somehow allow the human immune system to kill Candida. Initially there were some promising results, but what this was short lived.

While promising a rapid cure for Candida problems, these Chitin Inhibitors, like Lufenuron, were originally sold as medications for flea problems in animals because fleas have a chitinous exoskeleton which is damaged by Lufenuron.

Some studies1,2 have shown that Lufenuron can damage the cells lining the human intestines and lead to intestinal inflammation and a leaky gut. Intestinal cells can reproduce quickly and maintain the health of the intestinal lining, the barrier preventing the wrong things from leaking into the human blood stream. Lufenuron can prevent the regeneration and healing of the intestinal lining.
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Zoe Harcombe created the diet that is intended to get people eating whole foods again. Television and other media have so hypnotize people into thinking that "processed is best" that much of humanity's health has suffered -- hence the world-wide obesity epidemic and other health issues like Candida.

Eating a whole foods diet, organic when possible, foods low on the hypoglycaemic index, supplemented by good quality fiber like oat and rice bran, while adding a high quality probiotic, is a key to regaining health of your physical body.
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